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  • Yes, I want to avoid being one of the 90% of startups who fail and instead join the 84% success rate of the startups in Launchpeer's network.

  • Yes, I want to run go-to-market simulations that will show me real data about my startup's likelihood of success and allow me to make smarter decisions before I invest time & money building my app.

  • Yes, I want to 'see into the future' by using data to show me the likely 5-year trajectory of my startup so I have a detailed plan that helps me take actionable steps to reach my goal of more freedom, income, and impact.

  • Yes, I want to work with Product & Design Experts to not only scope & design my app but also get confidential feedback from real users to make sure I build an app people love.

  • Yes, I want to be matched with developers who have expertise in my startup's domain, have a proven track record, and have been extensively vetted by Launchpeer.

  • Yes, I want Funding Insurance. If you get accepted to Launchpeer, we guarantee you'll raise funding. If you aren't able to, we don't deserve your money & we'll refund you.

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